Family Feud Special: Gird Your Loins, Australia!

With two days to go until the finale of The Bachelorette, Channel 10 is whetting our appetite by dragging out Sophie, Matty J, and a few of the rejected bachelors and bachelorettes from last season to raise a bit of money for charity in a celebrity match of Family Feud.

My first observation from this episode is that Matty J and his pony club upbringing have really put him out of touch with the rest of us.  It’s the final round.  Matty only has to get forty-five points…

Grant:  Name a basic essential that a family couldn’t live without.

Matty: Shoes

Look it up.  A bachelor can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, but only three hours without shoes. This is because bachelors don’t wear socks and they need something to protect their god-like feet from the filthy, filthy ground.

Anyway, it was not the intellect of the contestants, nor the scintillating wit of host Grant Denyer that held my attention during this episode.  No. It was the painful reminder that Georgia let this one get away:

On a scale from 1 to 10, Cameron was a…

I’m sure Georgia is very happy with Lee, but let’s not forget that Cameron Cranley was the Apollo of season two:  beautiful to look at, never acting like a complete tosser, rolling around with puppies.  And a fireman, for crying out loud! But Georgia sent him packing.

I’m not saying it’s an omen…

Cam and Apollo

…but gird your loins, Australia.

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